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Terms and Conditions

1. No fee of any kind is payable for passive or active participation in this scheme. Applicant can join the scheme by purchasing goods according to their needs and filtering.

2. The company is a sales company and does not provide any other kind of transaction, so you are requested not to give any extra money of any kind to any staff, agent or promoter; otherwise the company is not liable for any liability.

3. In the event of online joining, it will be mandatory to submit the original form, ID proof and address proof along with the applicant's signature within 30 days of joining.

4. In the event of online joining, the goods can be taken from the nearest service center or can also be taken by the courier, in which the cost of the courier will have to be paid separately to the customer.

5. While joining online, it will be the responsibility of the customer to get the details and price match correctly. Otherwise company is not responsible.

6. The option of online joining will be available for 24 hours and all the days but the available time of the goods will be in the working day and time. It may be too late in a disaster.

7. The bonus for all commissions can be paid online or by check. In the case of online request, less than 500 rupees cannot be applied, whereas cash or check can be taken for payment of more than 100 rupees.

8. The application form should be complete and clean (readable). The incomplete or half filled form will not be submitted.

9. It will be compulsory to put a notary or application along with the form in the event of the applicant's little educated.Which it is mentioned that the applicant fully understand the plan.

10. All promotions will be in the order of calendar month.

11. All payments will be deducted by 5% TDS and 5% DMC (Data Maintenance Cost).

12. The company will be deducted the TDS 10% instead of 5%, if PAN No information is not available at office.

13. All incomes are eligible to transfer for nominees.

14. All the settlements will be settled under Delhi Dwarka Court.