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Profit Plan

A. Referral Income
If any member is satisfy with the product and concept of the Company and recommend to any new member then the Company revert the 10% to 15% of each sale. This income starts from first sale to endless sale for life time.

For example suppose any member select the P2- package plan and pay the 3000. Then you get 15% of 3000 that is equal to 450.



B. Team Income
This income is generate by the performance of your team. You will get the income of 50% amount of your direct team members. No additional standard is used for this income, one people, two people or more people. No ration has also been kept.

C. Company Pool Income
The Company Pool income is calculated by the whole work of the company not by own team only. If you want to take the Company Pool Income then it is mandatory that you give one sale. When you give the one sale then you enter the Company Pool and get the Company Pool Income step by step.

Level Member Total Requirements
L1 3 150  
L2 9 450  
L3 27 1,080 +1 Direct Sale
L4 81 3,240 +1 Direct Sale
L5 243 7,290 +1 Direct Sale
L6 729 21,870 +1 Direct Sale
L7 2187 43,740 +1 Direct Sale
L8 6561 1,31,220 +1 Direct Sale
L9 19683 1,96,830 +1 Direct Sale
L10 59049 5,90,490 +1 Direct Sale

* Company Pool Income is applicable for the first 1000 people only. Any associate can avail this Company Pool income just by making one direct sale untill there are 500 members in the Company Pool. Once the Company manage to accommodate 500 members in the Company Pool, the new associates will have to make two direct sales to avail the Company Pool Income.

D. Re-Purchase Income
This income starts in which month you achieve the rank. You get only one rank income which is highest rank for you. Per month 20% joining is compulsory for this income. This joining is consider by you and your team. If any you can not achieve this target then company not pay this income.

S.No Rank Direct Sales Total Turnover Valid
1 One Star 5 2.0% of TRT Life Time
2 Two Star 10 2.5% of TRT Life Time
3 Three Star 15 3.0% of TRT Life Time
4 Four Star 20 3.5% of TRT Life Time
5 Five Star 25 4.0% of TRT Life Time

For Example there are two members One Star Rank achievers. The total turn over is in the month of March 2020 is 10,00,000. Then the 2% of 10,00,000 is 20000. The amount 20000 is equally divided to each One Star Rank achievers that is 10000 rupees each.

E. Coupon Income
If any business associates introduce any new business promoter then company give the coupon amount up to 250/-

* The Company has the right to modify or change the income plan without any information.