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National Head Message

At VCPS India LLP, we are dedicated to build a culture in which our associates; State heads, District head and all Distributors, feel challenged and rewarded and have opportunities to demonstrate their skills and abilities. We also emphasize professionalism, responsibility and accountability. VCPS INDIA LLP requires creative thinking and dynamism in every step of the way to spark the most innovative approaches. We seek all those who are not afraid of failure. We also innovate by team work, while acknowledging individual strength and differences.

In VCPS INDIA LLP, our team members are the most important asset. The realization of our company’s vision and mission and its sustainable growth cannot be achieved without a high level of engagement and contribution of our team members. To ensure this, we will express the basic principles of our company as the “VCPS Management Philosophy" which follows:

1. Attend the meeting and plan-show as much as possible.

2. Make a list of call details every week to analyze your work and report to your upline and take valuable suggestions from.

3. Do not break communication to your upline and down line and share your experiences with your team members.

4. Make a strong team to work together and develop a healthy atmosphere, so that everyone grows with your experiences and work culture.

5. The management of VCPS INDIA LLP commits to the vision and fastening the understanding of all leaders of the company.

Dr. Mitramani Singh
National Head