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Director Planing & Development Message

On behalf of all the family members of VCPS India LLP, I am pleased to welcome you all to this 21st Century Business. When you made VCPS India LLP your Company of choice, you took the first step in ensuring your place among the successful business men of the world. When you chose to work with VCPS India LLP, you made your first ever major family life securing decision.

Indian economy is on the threshold of rapid growth ever since the policy of globalization and liberalization was introduced way back in early nineties and is passing through a transitional phase.

VCPS India LLP keeps experimenting and innovating in the field of imparting business education that gives to its’ associates courage to face the unknown, to commit passionately and to have persistence to achieve goals, virtues/values for pursuing excellence and an attitude of “Can Do” spirit.

Network Marketing is the best option available as it involves less risk and very less investment, to begin with.

In order to come out of this middle-class background trap, it is required to find out what are the sources that can make a person rich forever which is Passive Income, the income that one earns without actually spending time and effort every time to earn it.

It is like a seed that you plant and all you have to do is to water it daily and one day it will convert into a giant tree.

Your “NETWORK” is Your “NET WORTH”. Yes ! It is true and is applicable to every human being.

Network Marketing or Direct Selling or Multi-level marketing is certainly going to be the Business of the 21st century. There is currently a lot of statistical data proving that this industry is going to be the next most promising industry in India producing a lot of self-made millionaires and billionaires. It is one of the industries which will play a big role to mitigate unemployment in India.

VCPS India LLP is committed to its team growth. Come together & grow together.

‘The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential... these are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence.’– Confucius

Prof. (Dr.) B. Sharan
Director, Planning & Development