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  • Prof.(Dr.) B. Sharan 10th July 2020
Prof.(Dr.) B. Sharan 10th July 2020
  • 10 July, 2020

Prof.(Dr.) B. Sharan 10th July 2020

My Dear Stalwart Leaders,
उठ जाग मुसाफिर भोर भयो, अब रैन कहाँ जो सोबत हैं?
जो सोवत हैं सो खोवत हैं जो जागत है सो पावत हैं।

Very Hearty Good Morning to Everybody🌹🌹

You all are sitting on a Gold Mines, excavate it, and achieve a lifetime financial freedom whether it be Lockdown or Shutdown.

Nothing is going to affect your income. There is a huge scope. There is no limit. It is beyond the sky.

All of you are strictly expected to follow the strategies involved in this business if you willing to develop your own business because you are the boss of your business.

First of all, Learn everything about the business then start to Earn.

When your learning will be over completely then L will be removed from LEarning and your Earning will start.
First of all, understand the business so that you can convey others with full faith and confidence. If anybody will sit idle doing nothing and expecting to be rich overnight then it is a fallacy.

बोए पेड़ बबूल का आम कहाँ से होत। पूर्वजों की इन बातों को जीवन में अक्षरशः उतारिये।

Therefore first of all complete your Healthy Learning then think for  Bulky Earning.

The video which I have shared with it is only for the fact that a picture speaks a thousand times louder than words.

After Learning,  focus on your team building.

Your team should have consisted of three tiers.

The Topmost tier should be the team of high degree counsellors and mentors to assist and provide support to create a Huge Network as it is a universal truth that NETWORK IS YOUR NET WORTH.

The Middle tier should be of people who can connect the people with first-tier if required. This middle tier is a cohesive glue of the system. They should be fully smart, active, and positive people.

And third most important tier will have consisted of people who will be engrossed in the distribution and selling of products. Under the headship of each leader having a pool of 200 people, there should be at least one outlet.

These three tiers will jointly create such a great empire that you have not ever expected.

Dear Friends, please don't sit idle just by adding ONE or Two people. This is an ongoing process that should be kept on growing for the first six months to one year and when it's root will be deep enough, it will start growing by itself and your asset will be created which will keep on flowing income forever to you. Now it will be required only to refresh it from time to time and enjoy tremendous family leisure time.

Change the mindset like we can't do this, this does not suit us, how can we do it, bla bla. Remove all these excuses. These are stumbling blocks in our lives.

We should take a Solemn Vow not involve ourselves in any sort of cheating, bluffing, misguiding or anything which is illegal or unethical.

Start working in a team spirit. A great opportunity is waiting. Don't miss this Grand Chance to build your life. 

We have invested our youth in serving others with nothing in hand, no asset which can provide you an unceasing flow of income. Now start working for yourself.

Give your life a great take off at this platform of VCPS INDIA.

Dear Friends,

Feel free to contact me or any of your uplines to get the support to create a Big Network and Marvellous Business.

Late thinkers are either failures or Lagger. We are not among them.

Come Together, Work Together and Grow Together.

Jai Bharat Jai VCPS

🌹👍🏻Best of Luck👍🏻🌹

With Regards,
Prof.(Dr.) B. Sharan
Planning & Development

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